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As heirs of Protestant Reformation it is our duty to keep on protesting against the enemy number one of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We are to fight against the papal Antichrists who have been reigning in Rome for centuries! The Roman fiendish agenda is almost accomplished and it is vital to observe our foes’ moves so as not to get snared, and hence stand for God ‘sake and for the elect ‘sake. Our mind-set is the same as the fathers’ of Reformation. As Spurgeon used to say during the 19th century: “No peace with Rome”, so we keep on saying this today! Nevertheless our stance is different on eschatological issues because our 16th century fathers could not get rid of the Replacement theology they had inherited from popery; they were most of them post Millennialist or Amillennialist believers. The main issue at that time was soteriological not eschatological. Albeit they perceived that Roman Catholicism was the beast of 7 heads and 10 horns, it was not the time for them to understand the final prophecies which have their fulfillment in our days; Daniel 12:9 can be assuredly applied to them..

Protestantism being a constant reformation based on Scriptures has brought forth in the last 150 years a revival in millenarian eschatology which is contrary to our fathers of Reformation, and hence we have come back to the original eschatology which was Chiliastic: (Re:The doctrine stating that Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years). .

Premillennial Beliefs of the Early Church

Everybody knows that during the first 3 centuries the Church held a kind of Premillennialism. Behold an excerpt of an article (written by a Catholic) which often cites Irena the bishop of Lyon who became a martyr on 202 AD. Irena was Polycarp’s disciple who was himself the apostle John’s; thereby we can logically infer that John taught a Millenarian eschatology. 

Some authors perceive Patristic Millennialism as saint Irena expressed: “Once the Antichrist will have destroyed this whole world and will have put his seat in the temple of Jerusalem, then the Lord will descend from the heavens on the clouds, in his Father’s glory, and will cast down the Antichrist and his followers in the lake of fire, wherewith He will issue for the just the time of the Kingdom, i.e. the Shabbat, the seventh day which was sanctified, and he will deliver the heritage he promised to Abraham: it shall be the Kingdom wherein according to the Word of the Lord: “Many shall come from the east and west and shall sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”… (“Against heresies”, book V Apostolado Mariano edition, Sevilla 1999).

Further he says: “These events cannot occur in the upper heavenly places, because God, says the prophet, will show his splendour to all nations under the heaven, but they will occur as a matter of fact during the time of the Kingdom, when Christ will have renewed the earth, and Jerusalem will have been built again according to the pattern of the heavenly Jerusalem” (Ibidem, p. 128). 

On the same topic, Irena’s teaching is (quoting): “This is what you find in the book of Genesis, according to the which the end of this world shall be on the sixth day, i.e. the year 6000; then it will be the seventh day, the Shabbat day, about which David said: “This is my rest, the just shall come in”. This seventh day is the seventh millennium, the righteous’ one wherein they will exercise in incorruptibility after the renewing of this creation saved for whom it was designed” (ibidem, p. 133)… This is in few words what all those Millenarian Patristic authors said when they interpreted, literally and not allegorically, the book of Revelation. In “Adversus Haereses” (Against heresies), saint Irena warned against allegorising, saying: “If some of them try to interpret these prophecies in an allegorical way; they will never agree on all the issues…” (“Adversus Haereses”, book V, p.130).

 Further Saint Irena insists again on the same issue saying: “And nothing in this matter can be interpreted in an allegorical way, but on the contrary everything here is sure, real and possesses a solid existence wrought by God for the benefit of the just” (ibidem, p. 130). Now that Premillennialism was then the almost authorized doctrine is revealed by this Justin’ statement: “As for myself and the Christians who hold a pure orthodox doctrine, as many are they; we know that a resurrection of the flesh will occur during 1000 years in a built again, adorned and enlarged Jerusalem, as the prophets Ezekiel, Isaiah and others averred”.

Most of Premillennialist Protestants have nowadays a better and clearer sight than our brothers in the third century. We ought to be all expecting the Rapture of the Church, i.e. of the elect converted to Christ. Most Millenarian believers deem that it will happen after the Apostasy which shall take place just before the appearing of the eschatological Antichrist. But thanks to God there is diversity of opinions and some are getting aware that Apostasy is here today, and has infected at least 90 % of the local churches, and that a pope may be the eschatological Antichrist as our fathers of Reformation were wont to teach dogmatically. Today, God helping me, I will talk about pope Number 5, because he is the one who prepares the way for pope Number 6: the eschatological Antichrist. Number 5 is actually moulding the proper profile that is convenient for Number 6 when he be ready to take control over the EU; the new Roman Empire which shall be the head of the New World Order. But before we go any further let us remind our readers the reason why I call Francis I the pope Number 5. We find it in Revelation 17: 

9 “And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. 10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. »

This is a mysterious passage, isn’t it? However there is a clue to that mystery which unfolds it and makes it crystal clear to anyone. I have this clue, and although I cannot say that it is for sure the right interpretation, nevertheless it is the most simple, literal and contemporary one you can find amidst the multitude of available interpretations. This is at least good hint! Time will tell after Francis I burial whether the Holy Spirit shew me the truth about the 7 kings or whether I was mistaken as many others… 

Most of our theologians assume that the 7 heads are the 7 hills upon which Rome is built, and I do agree with them. They also consider that the woman who sits on these 7 heads typifies Roman Catholicism, and here I disagree with them because Rome is both a religious and political superpower. Today the new Roman Empire is back on the scene under the nickname of EU. It is formed by several nations, all Catholic by majority, which have political, economic and military power. Therefore Roman Catholicism is not something apart from these nations which were already the nations that made part of the old Roman Empire, but it is a part of their own culture; it is intrinsic to them. As for me the woman is not Roman Catholicism but Babylon, i.e. the USA with their Protestant culture. (For more information on this topic see article # 1: “The 2 beasts”).


According to verse 10 these 7 heads are also 7 kings. Now who are the kings of Rome? Everybody knows that for more than 15 centuries the real kings of Rome have been the popes, wherefore I do assume that these 7 kings are 7 popes. The angel says to John at the precise moment he gives him this vision that 5 kings are fallen. What kind of fall can be deemed if we compare these 5 popes with the long list of the rest of them? The answer is easy: it is a fall from their traditional arrogance, it is a fall from their pretences, and it is a (temporary and seemingly) doctrinal fall. As a matter of fact all popes before the ecumenical council of Vatican 2 proclaimed openly and dogmatically their absolute supremacy above all religions. They were the only and exclusive Church of Jesus Christ whose popes were the vicars whereof. They used to say and teach that without submission to the pope there was no salvation. Protestants were just a bunch of heretics they had to fight, and the Bible societies were just devilish organisations. Since Pope Nicolas I (858-867) started to use the crown as a king founding his pretences upon a forged document called “The donations of Constantine” which claimed that the emperor Constantine had made the popes heir to the entire Roman Empire, since then the Caesars in religious costumes had pulled it off. Till Vatican 2 the aim was to subdue all secular powers, all nations, and all kingdoms. They also increased at the same time their spiritual pretences so as to fulfil their arrogance in issuing the dogma of papal infallibility in 1870. Nevertheless after WW II when their puppet (Hitler) fell. (Bear in mind that Hitler and his entire clique were all Roman Catholics who were never ever excommunicated). So when Hitler passed away they had to change their politics and profile. Until Pius XII (Hitler and Mussolini’s friend), Rome thought she could re-establish her dominion by her dogmatic pretensions and the Jesuits ‘cunning craftiness, but the victory of the Allies, the shame of the Nazi Holocaust and the new born Hebrew State in 1948 supported by the USA put an end to any public and dogmatic arrogance. They had to make a sudden cosmetic change so as to turn the Roman wolf into a harmless lamb; they definitely fell! So they descended from their clouds of arrogance and presumptions and since John XXIII they have been making a big show of humility and brotherly love. 

It was this John XXIII, the successor of Pius XII, who inaugurated the council of Vatican 2 and thence they have been calling us “separated brothers” instead of damned heretics! Thus the 5 fallen popes are: John XXIII, Paul VI, John-Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis I. All these 5 have ceased to proclaim that salvation means submission to the pope, that there is no salvation out of the Roman Catholic Church. Hence Francis is # 5, and after him will come # 6 who will be the Antichrist wherefore in verse 7 the angel says: “one is” which means one among the 7 is the Antichrist. He will be different from the former 5 because he will not be a fallen one but an exceedingly exalted one and the next after him, # 7 will last for a short time. Therefore if I am not wrong the next pope should be the man of sin, the son of perdition, i.e. the eschatological Antichrist. All popes are Antichrists but that one will be THE Antichrist; the # 2 man of the devilish trinity; Satan being the father of all lies, the papal Antichrist his son, and the false prophet the spirit thereof who exalt the beast, the son of perdition (Ap. XIX ; 20). (Note that the beast means the Roman Empire as well as her head: the Caesars). So the beast should be the next pope. But in order to hold sway of the European Union, he must start as a normal president and therefore will have to comply with the rules which state that no president of the “United Europe” can be at the same time chief of another State, and obviously the pope is the chief of the State of Vatican. Therefore he will give up for a time his responsibilities as pope.


This will be a kind of déjà vu, because in Colombia few years ago the priest Hoyos had to give up his functions as a minister of the Catholic Church so as comply with his duties as Mayor of Barranquilla (a big city on the Caribbean coast). The same thing happened to the bishop Lulo who became the president of the Paraguayan Republic. So this will not be something really new for the next pope, and remember that according to the Roman canonical laws no priest loses his “holy unction” as long as he lives, even if he gives up his functions and does not minister sacraments any longer. That is why pope # 6 will step down for a while as the chief of the Roman Catholic Church so as to comply with the EU regulations, and this will entail new elections in Rome so as to replace # 6 by # 7. I believe that Number 7 will be the false prophet of Rev. 16: 13 et 19:20, if the 7 kings are the last 7 popes… In effect pope # 7 will exalt with all kind of signs and wonders former pope # 6, so that the entire world will be lulled into following the devilish agenda of the Antichrist. 

Once Pope# 6 has full sway of the EU, he will become instead of president, the new Caesar. Then # 7 will step down and give him back his functions as a new pope: pope # 8. Then will come to pass what was the common to all emperors of the former empire: the Caesar was chief of the State and a god to be worshipped. But this pope after a short time as # 8 will claim to be the only true God and not only the Vicar of the Son of God. At that time he will break the covenant he had done 3 1/2 years before with the Jews, allowing them to rebuild the temple and perform their sacrifices and holocausts in it, and he will come in the temple and set up a TV broadcast inside the holiest demanding the whole world to worship him in front of their TV sets (the image of the beast: Rev. 13:15, 14: 11). So the ministry of # 7 will be short; it will last until # 6 becomes the supreme leader of the EU and of the ecumenical Roman church which will have absorbed all religions. Therefore it is written: “the beast that was, and is not, even is the eighth, and is of the seven”, which simply means that the Caesar who existed during the former Roman Empire, does not exist when pope # 6 becomes the president of the EU (the new Roman Empire), but he makes part of the seven latter popes and become in fact the eighth because he retakes his functions after # 7 when he gets a total control of the new Roman Empire. This last Caesar will not only demand worship but he will also eagerly looking forward to get the people chipped in their right hand and forehead promoting the mark of the beast for economical transactions. Let us now sum it up in few words so as to get the picture clearly set in your minds.


The 7 kings are the last 7 popes; 5 of them gave up their arrogant and historical pretences, the 6th will be the beast or the eschatological Antichrist, and the 7th will last a short just enough to exalt # 6 who will take back his religious duty as soon as he gets total control of the EU government. Then # 6 will renew his minister as pope # 8 (maybe under a new name, Peter the Roman?) and soon afterward he will pretend to be God on earth and the new Caesar of the new Roman Empire. Consequently he will demand total submission and worship through a TV broadcast that will be enforced universally, just like Nebuchadnezzer did in his time ( Dan. 3: 4-7). Thus # 6 is also # 8 and therefore makes part of the 7 former popes. We must pointed out that # 6 is really the number to match for the Antichrist whose number is also 666!

Of course this interpretation is one among many in Millenarian eschatology. I dare not say that it is the true one which the Spirit revealed unto me, for only God knows which one is the true interpretation, but one thing I can say is that it is the more literal, simple, natural, contemporary interpretation because the lapse of time for the 7 kings to reign is within one generation (100 years according to Genesis chapter 15; compare verse 13 with 16). For instance there is a common interpretation which holds that the 7 kings are 7 empires and that gives us a lapse of time of 2000 years, at least! Moreover it gainsays Daniel’s prophecies which reveal us that there are only 4 empires from the time of Nebuchadnezzar to the end of the era of the Gentiles: Babylonian, Medes and Persians, Greek and Roman empires. There are only 4 and not 7 according to Daniel who is the one who gave us the key to open the book of Revelation. So if anyone has a simpler and natural interpretation, we beg him to make us know! Anyway time will tell us very soon if this interpretation is right because Francis is not a young man, and death will not spare him for there is no Rapture for an Antichrist but judgement! As for us we are not waiting for the Antichrist but for the Rapture. But let us now deal with our topic which is the antichrist # 5. It is a very interesting topic because this one is preparing the way for the beast in a very cunning manner, worthy of a well trained Jesuit…


Francis I is the last among the 5 fallen popes and actually he is the one who fell in the lowest way in his media circus. Of course as all popes his secret goal is the same: absolute power for the black pope (the general of the Jesuits). But his way to get such a supreme position is through a feigned humility, wherefore he was named Francis in remembrance of Francis from Assisi the emblematic monk for humility and charity in the Roman Catholic culture. This pope # 5 has been uttering amazing things, and has also acted in a very peculiar way. The whole world is astonished and the people now perceive the Catholic Church in a different and positive way. Except for few radical Protestants, who by the Scripture and the Holy Spirit are not ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Cor. II:11); The rest of the world is deceived and convinced that Rome has changed her agenda which actually is the same as ever: absolute power. Now modern evangelicals believe that Rome is at last keen on human welfare and dignity. Albeit the truth is that the wolf has perfected its disguise in such a way that even Raul Castro fell under its enchantment and declared recently in an interview that he was about to recover his old faith! Nevertheless let us point out that Fidel his brother who stepped down and handed over the power to his brother, is an undercover Jesuit, i.e. a temporal coadjutor Jesuit; a 3rd class Jesuit who does not minister sacraments neither hears confessions but just deals with political matters as spying or revolution…

Mark well that they were both educated in a Jesuit school and bear in mind that to start a revolution you need much money to buy guns and ammo from outside the country… Hence where did those 2 young students, at that time, find so much money and so easy connections to start “their” revolution? I think former Jesuit Alberto Rivera‘s information ( is quite plausible, isn’t it? Communism was framed by Rome in order to destroy governments which do not comply with the pope’s pretences and agenda, and brothers Castro just play the game of tough Atheist Communist revolutionaries, for the truth is that they are just servants to popery. Have you ever heard about Vatican’s properties being confiscated by the Communists in Cuba? Of course you never heard about that because it never happened, for the only ones who kept their properties in the island were the Catholic institutions. It sounds strange on the behalf of fierce Atheists does it not? It sounds bizarre, strange…

Did you also notice the deep interest Francis I has on global warming? His raised concerns about climate change are winning world sympathy for Rome and that is why he will talk at the next UNO assembly on September 25th about sustainable development. Post-modern man is very fond of such themes and it is a good way for the Vatican to get closer to common people. Of course behind the apparent care for nature lies the real goal which is the destruction of free market which fosters freedom of speech. In effect Antichrist # 5 and all the supporters of the New World Order are busy convincing the mass through the media that we are heading for an apocalyptic climate change which can be postponed only through a system of taxes on industry which will ruin eventually the financial system and bring forth the NWO with the Antichrist at its head. But although there are natural disasters and an increase in earthquakes and tsunamis all over the world, by Holy Writ we know that:

while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22). 

The great tribulation that lies ahead is not an environmental issue but a matter of sin which kindles the wrath of God upon the whole earth! According to some rumors in the media, Pope Francis has been working on his “sermon” all year, and it’s one that will thoroughly delight Bible prophecy watchers. Francis is going to preach on the need to massively reduce the world’s population, stopping climate change, and having a One World Government to rule the planet. He has also called for an “Earth Constitution that would transcend the UN Charter” along with the creation of a “Global Council…elected by all the people on Earth”. Maybe after his address at the next UNO general assembly in autumn, he will publish an encyclical about ecology. (I’ve just listened on radio today on June 18th that he has written this green encyclical and it will be soon released!)

Pope Franices (Antichrist # 5) is winning world sympathy not only with environmental issues but also through his marvelous ecumenism. Recently he came in the great mosque of Istanbul with the grand mufti and both prayed together to Allah turning their faces toward Mecca. Of course that was already done by John-Paul II, but it was confirmed by pope # 5 so that everybody may know that the god moon (Allah) is the same as the God of the Bible! Moreover antichrist type # 5 went farther than his 4 predecessors because he has averred that even Atheists go to heaven if they do good works of charity and love their neighbours! 

Such kind of concessions, which were quite unbelievable 50 years ago within the Catholic Church, have turned the popish preaching into a so humanistic speech that we can draw the conclusion that for them, as for the world, there is no more an absolute truth which can be dogmatically and openly released. The whole issue if you want to please God is to be a good person who helps the needy… Actually it is a remake of the liberation gospel but reconditioned, dressed, with ecumenism, ecology and pacifism. However we should duly take notice that in case of humanitarian emergency such as occurred recently in Nepal, the pope exhorts all rich nations to give money so as to relieve the victim while he offers his papal prayers freely with no cost at all! Bear in mind that the bank of Vatican is very cautious on laying out and very open on encashing...

Thus Rome has become utterly humanistic, ecumenical, and even ecological; what else can the world ask her for, when she was renowned for her dogmatic despotism and her retrograde traditionalism? There was still one thing missing in order to convince the world at the right time that her pope is the man who can get them out of the universal chaos which is soon to sink them in a total despair at the Rapture. This thing was the sacrifice of morals in sexual issues. Francis I did it in a very crafty manner; only a Jesuit could do it so! Until now Catholicism had been permanently criticized by the decadent Western world because of its stance on such topics as abortion, contraception, divorce, and homosexuality, (although Rome is a renowned hideout for pedophile, sodomite priests and lesbian nuns). The Vatican was considered too tough on such issues, and according to their ethics, sex was confined to wedlock. Actually they had for once a biblical sight on this topic! 

Until Benedict XVI Rome was conservative regarding sex and it was a kind of restraining power to the sexual depravity that is spread all over the Western world, and even in the Protestant churches… Of course their politics was not because they love purity but because they considered purity as a good political argument to maintain their pretences about the uniqueness and supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church. But remember that in the sixties Rome was Creationist, and when the Jesuits understood that the whole world was bound to become Evolutionist, all of a sudden they exchanged their creationism for evolutionism. Today it the same phenomenon; they have realised that the whole world is to become very soon a global Sodom and Gomorrah through the efficient Hollywood and TV brainwash, wherefore have they changed again their stance on this issue. They know that most of their faithful have been carried away by that stream of sexual defilement and it becomes politically incorrect to maintain a position which weakens their influence in the world and diminish the number of their followers. The conservative supporters being much less in number than what would be the liberal supporters, they therefore changed their doctrine so as to revive their fainting popularity. Thence Antichrist type # 5 stealthily but definitely made the change wherewith his successor # 6 will appear to be the ideal candidate for the presidency of the EU during the crisis which is soon to come after the Rapture and the collapse of the global financial system. All popes are committed to regain the power they lost at the time of Reformation and to revive the former Roman Empire which head would be their popes. Their goal has never changed, it is: power, absolute power, but they know that until they get this absolute power they must win world’ sympathy at any cost.

Francis I crossed the border which lied between apparent sexual purity and common Western depravity in a very crafty manner. He did not do it from his balcony at Saint Peter square in Rome; that would have been a trauma for a multitude of fanatics. He did it masterfully in his plane on the way back from Argentina during an informal interview with some reporters who asked him about his stance on homosexuality. He just said few words: “Who am I to condemn such people?” Now the point is that the pope is to judge all things concerning doctrine and morals so as to guide the faithful in their daily walk, and when he does not condemn an attitude, or a practise he thereby approves it, or at least makes it acceptable. Until antichrist type # 4, Rome openly condemned homosexuality, but now with Francis I’s public statement the change was actually made. Of course some will say that it was a personal opinion, and not a dogmatic statement, but the fact is that Francis is the official head of the Roman Catholic Church; whatever he says openly makes part of the Jesuit agenda, and you can take it for granted that the change is on. Let us point out that few weeks after his interview; the prelate representing the Roman Catholic Church in Colombia averred in front of the media that homosexuality is not a sin! He even added that there were active sodomites among the first disciples! The process is on and the next step will be certainly a new encyclical about the divinely appointed LGTB love…

This new stance was unthinkable 10 years ago, but they know that they and the world are in a state of emergency, and they have to prepare as soon as possible the way to the presidency of the EU for # 6. Pope # 6 must fit the immoral standards of the EU people so as to appear as the best option when the global situation will demand the “providential man” Jesuits have in store… Notice that Luxembourg prime minister is a sodomite legally married with a man, and that Ireland has recently legalised homosexual marriage. Thus the people of the EU: 

changed the truth of God into a lie…for this cause God gave them up unto vile affections; for even their women changed the natural use into that which is against nature; and likewise also men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burnt in their lust one toward another” (Romans. I:25-27). 

The new Roman Empire at its beginning is so vile as the old in its last days; actually the Western world is sinking in a real Roman orgy, wherefore the State members of the EU will not bear with a president who would condemn what they all have deemed as the climax of democracy, which is in fact the demise thereof because:

righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people” and so “the thing that hath been is that will shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done; and there is nothing new under the sun” (Ec. I: 9). 

Number 5 has ended with cunning craftiness the Old Catholic morals so as to prepare the way for the beast, the Antichrist, Pope # 6. With such a political U turn Francis I is raising high in the international Gallup poll. Now that popery has adopted the new sodomite culture, the Jesuits just have to wait for the coming crisis they are busy preparing with Obama and his ilk… History taught us that dictators usually make their way to absolute power during a time of great turmoil on earth. Remember for instance how Napoleon became the French emperor, and what about Mussolini and Hitler? It is always through a revolution or a financial crash or a severe political crisis that dictators make their ambitions become reality. Of course we are making conjectures and only God knows what He has determined for the future from eternity past, but it is not a mystery to whom has open eyes that the governors of the darkness of this world, the Jesuits, are planning the collapse of this present financial order so as to destroy the Western democracies which freedom of speech enable the Word of God to be spread all over the world. (By the way let us always remind the world that we inherited freedom of speech and conscience from Protestantism, not from Atheism neither Catholicism, nor Buddhism, nor Islam…) 

The Vatican wants a New World Order controlled by the New Roman Empire (the EU) which head would be a pope. But to return to our inquiry; what will happen now that popery has given up its moralistic strategy, and Hollywood sexual depravity is catching up with them ?


There is only one answer: end times prophecies will fast forward. Roman Catholicism retrieved in a certain way the sexual depravity which by Hollywood and TV brainwash has hold sway of Westerners. But now Pope # 5 has given a deadly stroke to the residue of Judeo-Christian moral standards. If sodomy is not a sin any longer, let me ask you: what is sin? Sodomy is not a natural sin, it is an abominable sin in the sight of Jehovah for it is against nature, and implies demonic activity. If sodomy is not a sin, therefore who will dare speak against fornication and adultery which are natural sins? If homosexual marriage is lawful, who will find shameful concubinage and divorce? Nobody, not even the pope! This society is on the eve of a total moral collapse and Westerners are becoming lower than animals, Africans with all their witchcraft and polygamy are much more decent people now, and rightly despise us. Very soon Judeo-Christian morality will banned and laws will voted against any public disavow of the prevalent decadency. Christians will be fined and cast in jails or lunatic asylum… But the Rapture will come very soon wherefore we should not worry about these small tribulations, a much greater one lay ahead for those who follow the fiendish trend of this world. Therefore it is written: “Pray always that ye should be accounted worthy to escape all those things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man”. (Luke 21:36)

It is to be duly noted that there is also something which is fast-forwarding the events concerning the days of the second coming of our Lord Jesus: the official acknowledgment of a Palestinian State by Pope Francis, antichrist # 5. Till today Western nations have been reluctant to such a foul recognition because they all know that Hamas is a terrorist organization which aims at the destruction of the Hebrew State. However the small horn of the beast, the Vatican, has recently broken that implicit consensus and now France is already preparing for the next general assembly at the UNO, a resolution demanding the creation of a sovereign Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital. It suffices that Obama, the pro Muslim president, does not veto that resolution and Zechariah.14: 2 could be fulfilled very soon. 

Peace in the Middle East is very fragile and if this French resolution is voted in September it could start a new war fulfilling also Psalm 83 concerning the neighbouring nations around Israel and afterward Ezekiel. 38-39 which deals with Russia (Magog) and her allies (Iran)…

The end is coming soon and He (Jesus) who must come shall come and shall not tarry.” (Hebrews 10:37) 

This present antichrist # 5 is a powerful catalyst of the resentments Satan is working in all nations against Israel, and this will lead us to the fulfillment of many prophecies concerning the Rapture and then the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jerimiah 30: 7). 

Now my friend, are you ready for the Rapture? Did you make your calling and election sure? Are you only a hearer of the Word and not a doer? Are you living the “non-pharisaical” life preached by your pastor who watches TV at home with his wife and daughters in trousers, or are you a fanatical Puritan who take the Bible at his word, and call feminism sin of rebellion and TV broadcasts abominable brainwash? I hope you are the latter one! Time has an end, and the end is now. Tomorrow will be too late to do the good works God has prepared for us. These good works defy the rampant immorality and confusion wrought through feminism and ecumenism. Christ saved us from our sins, not in our sins as they seemingly teach us everywhere, for “without holiness none shall see God”, and the modern godliness is ungodliness wrapped in garments of tolerance and laissez-faire. 

Adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” James 4:4

If we claim to be born-again believers and real Protestants, we must preach the doctrine (“Sola Fide” and “Sola Scriptura”, faith iand the Bible only) which is according to godliness. Therefore let us run the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; laying aside all that TV brainwash and worldliness which has polluted the Evangelical churches.

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08/22/2015 9:11pm
We are told to look for the real Christ, not the anti-Christ. I think all this speculation is unnecessary because it doesn't matter who it is. The church won't be here to suffer under him and if our Father wants us to know who it is, He will let us know.
08/24/2015 9:32pm
I have to respectfully disagree. The whole of the Bible is for our instruction. Jesus mentioned it to His disciples, and if were not important, He would not have made it a condition for the Jewish people to head for the hills (so to speak)....Jesus will come as a thief in the night..we have no gauge of when He will arrive except events that point to His soon return. The rise of the NWO and the AC to lead it, will be after the church is removed..if we are this close to the man being revealed, and the NWO taking shape, it behooves us to pay attention to signs of the times that point to the appearance of the man, as the Man from Heaven will appear first...I preach the whole of the Bible, not just the parts I like....But thank you for your comment
08/25/2015 3:14pm
Pastor Mike, In reply to what you said, First thing is that I love you Brother so Don't shoot me! But there is HINTS, all over the scriptures about Something happening on the day of atonement 20151!! Dan. 9:25 for instance, being a cyclical Prophecy and wE are in the 7th 7 or 49th year of the Shmetah or 17640 days from June 7 1967, which points to the EXACT day of what ever is going to actually Happen we have to wait and see ! oh and by the btw the 62 weeks or 434 years has actually been fulfilled cause when you multiply the 62 years X 7 and then the 434 years X360 you will find that from the June 7th 1967 daY BACKWARDS IT TAKES YOU TO AUGUST 20 1539 and what was happening then was the WALL was being rebuilt it was being done by Suleiman the magnificent who on that day was either finishing up or building the "Lions Gate" which just so happens to be the Gate that 434 years later the Israeli Paritroopers went through to take back Jerusalem! Thus fulfilling the scripture in Full as of Sept. 23 2015! so , I understand that you have a view of " no man knows the day or Hour as Jesus Our Lord has been Quoted in saying. perhaps you would find it interesting to know that in the greek The word ( translated as Knows in the King James and many other translations is REALLY "UNDERSTANDS" Try reading the verse now with the correct translation and it has a whole different meaning!!! god Bless you Pastor Mike and we will see each other in the presence of our Lord and savior JESUS! SOON!
Rosemarie Quickel
08/23/2015 6:34am
I just watched a very interesting video on You Tube entitled, "Babylon the Great and the Caliph" Armageddon News. This seems to have all of the end-time action in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) as opposed to the revised Roman Empire. Have you seen this video; and if so, could you give me your take on it. Thank you.
08/24/2015 10:09am
@Rosemarie, Armageddon News is a good one. I think that the one thing that the Roman AC Theory lacks is an explanation of the role of Islam. Islam is not a side issue that can be easily dealt with through negotiation or bombs. There is clearly a rise of the ancient powers and principalities that control men and politics in the Middle East. That being said, I'm not sure that their theory about Turkey being the biblical land of Magog is correct either because it is clearly not in the "uttermost parts of the North." It's just north or Syria. As we sit here today, a Russian flag is planted on the ocean floor, at the geographical North Pole. That is uttermost in my book.
Marla Haight
08/23/2015 8:18am
I am thankful for this article and very blessed to be alive for such a time as this. As scary and hard as it is to watch the end times develop I am most excited about the soon and upcoming eternal departure. The Word is alive and proves itself in so many ways and current events are screaming. As much as I hate what I see in this world and what is coming, I know it must be so that Messiah can set up his kingdom. Again thank you for sharing.
The Lord bless you and keep you!!
08/24/2015 10:02am
Let us also not forget the pope Francis I also has made several statements about how short he believed his papacy would be...
and as I have written this, the DOW plunged over 1000 points this morning. we are watching the events leading to the return of our beloved Savior unfold as we talk.

God Bless all who shall hear.
08/26/2015 12:31pm
below is an email I got from a brother. I approved the comment when he posted on this website, but for some reason, it's not showing I'm reposting it again....thank you Ed.
Pastor Mike

To begin, I do agree that issues such as Global Warming being exploited by unscrupulous individuals to their own advantage, mainly that of accumulating of personal power for themselves at the expense of the freedom of the rest of us. Now this could be done by "manufacturing" a crisis that really does not exist. But think how much more effective it would be for one that actually did. I believe Global Warming falls into this latter category.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then satellite imagery of Earth's rapidly decreasing ice inventory at both its poles and at high altitudes is decreasing. Added to this are also satellite readings of the Earth's sea and land temperatures, all of which indicate net increases in temperature as well. So, let's take a look at what is considered the prime culprit in all of this.

Now there is no question at all that carbon dioxide is what we call a greenhouse gas. Increasing the amount of it in a planetary atmosphere will cause a corresponding rise in the planet's average temperature and there is no solid scientific evidence to support the contrary. The planet Venus is an extreme example as its predominantly CO² atmosphere produces surface temperatures over 800° Fahrenheit universally - at the equator, poles, day, and night sides.

On Earth, measurements taken on Mauna Loa, Hawaii have show a rise of CO² levels from about 315 parts per million in the late 1950's to almost 400 ppm at present. Certainly the reason for this increase can be argued but regardless of the cause, this almost 25% increase is bound to increase Earth's ability to trap in correspondingly more heat from the sun. The argument being pushed by those with a "global agenda" is that human activity is the prime source. In all honesty, they may or not be right.

Yet I have also discovered that another contributing factor to the warming of our planet, which gets virtually no attention from the global warming crowd, is that of the increase of radiation from the sun itself. Below is an excerpt from which came out nine years ago, the point being that this information has been around long enough to have come to the global wamring people’ attention. Yet it appears to have been conveniently ignored by them:

Sun's Activity Increased in Past Century, Study Confirms
by Jeanna Bryner, Staff Writer | September 26, 2006 02:29pm ET
The energy output from the Sun has increased significantly during the 20th century, according to a new study.
Many studies have attempted to determine whether there is an upward trend in the average
magnitude of sunspots and solar flares over time, but few firm conclusions have been reached.
Now, an international team of researchers led by Ilya Usosk in of the Sodank ylä Geophysical
Observatory at the University of Oulu, Finland, may have the answer. They examined meteorites
that had fallen to Earth over the past 240 years. By analyzing the amount of titanium 44, a
radioactive isotope, the team found a significant increase in the Sun's radioactive output during the 20th century.

What is interesting to note is that the planet Mars is also now experiencing a global warming of its own. Images from several past and present missions have revealed surface changes. Landforms formerly underlain with frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) have collapsed because their CO² permafrost has disappeared, sublimating into the Martian atmosphere. Only increased surface temperatures could be causing this. If it happens at a sufficient rate and duration to permanently thicken the Martian atmosphere, the temperature rise will become even more enhanced.

Now the point I want to make here is that if someone is really concerned about global warming on Earth, wouldn't they want all the information concerning the subject to be freely disseminated so it could be better determined if:

A. Is this something we can fix or not?
B. If we can fix it, what would be the best way to do it?

Because this kind of openness has not been forthcoming, I am, like you, forced to conclude that there are ulterior motives behind what we see going on today.

Next, I totally agree that this current president has done more to weaken America and, in so doing, embolden enemies that any other occupant of the White House since the Founding Fathers. In his tenure he has allowed such advanced engineering venues as our space program and the technological edge it had given this country to deteriorate, allowed radical Islamic groups such as ISIS to grow with virtual impunity, been a driving force in the moral decay of the United States particularly in not upholding the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was
08/26/2015 12:55pm
Pastor Mike, thanks for posting Ed's comment.

I believe he is partially correct in his analysis of the "global Warming" scheme. I say partial, because as he has pointed out there so many other factors that the "scientific" community has left out. such as the fact that the earth naturally goes through warming and cooling cycles, whether you believe the earth is a mere six thousand years old (as I do) or if you believe it is older, either way science has proven that we have had ice ages and hence there were warming trends to melt those, correct?
and what about all the asphalt and concrete we pave out world with? one only has to see how fast a snow covered paved road melts to understand that it not only retains heat, but radiates in back out differently than bare earth. and let's not forget the "tree huggers and PITA warning us back in the `90's that cows were releasing huge amounts of methane into our atmosphere. and what about all those houses we continue to build with solar panels on top of them, how much more energy is returned via reflectivity into our atmosphere trying to prevent fossil fuel burning?

yes there is a conspiracy here. yes the papacy is using it for it's own agenda. the point I believe that needs to be made is that we need to not look for the reasons for their agendas, only to what it is leading us too; that our lord and savior's return is eminent! for that, we should be in the streets warning everyone we meet to repent and ask for forgiveness before it is too late.

Praise be to God for giving us mercy thru His Son!
11/15/2015 4:46pm
The last pope before Francis is waiting in the background.
01/12/2016 11:07pm
Another excellent article with lots of great suggestions. Extremely timely for everyone!
Keep up your awesomeness! :)

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