Wednesday, September 21, 2016


To the faithful who have followed my commentaries, I now fulfill a request I was given by the author of this new website URL below by Paul Grevas..His site is new, but expresses AGAIN, what I have taught and re-posted on my blog at the address on the "Ministry Home" page. Here is the URL of this brother's website and below His email request for addition to my website to warn all who will listen of a coming set of signs in the heavens that start next week...April 15th and continue into 2015/September. All of the Blood Moons are on God's Annual Feast days, and I believe have significant prophecy implications...God bless,
Pastor Mike

My name is Paul Grevas, my wife of 40 years is Karen. I am now a retired career Statistician well versed in Bible Prophecy and teach it in Helena, Montana.  Our Lord and Savior is only Jesus Christ.  I respectfully send this very intriguing e-mail link to in hopes you post it to your website for you viewers.  Our website is new this month, it is small and fledgling.  We follow yours, it is big, professional, credible, established, and well received.

The graph at the bottom of this message to you ( LORD'S PERFECT SIGN, graph 8A) is a most phenomenal,  UNPRECENDENTED revelation of the absolute perfection of displaying the Glory of God. None of the previous 7 Biblical Blood Moon Tetrads in world history and the historical events they spawned compares to this awesome coming  set of Heavenly SIGNS and the MIGHTY events they will spawn upon the earth.  Our Lord is literally screaming at us to GRAB our ATTENTION.  This graph is astonishing mathematically, it defys all probability.  Our God is awesomely indescribable.  I've viewed over 300 websites, none have this graphical comparison.  The data is precise and accurate (all eclipse dates from NASA). I am NOT promoting this Special graph of our Omnipotent Creator for myself. Specifically Karen and I waive ALL copyrights, patents, legal documentary rights (none of which we've even pursed) so that you may be able to utilize your power to enhance these graphs on your website to your viewers.  We do this because time is SO SO  short.  We are living in the times of Noah, our Lord tells us so. with these SIGNS especially since there will be no more Biblical Tetrad for another 600 years in 2582-83 AD (NASA again) We desire absolutely no credit, no donations, no accolades, no nothing.  We cordially ask that the exactness and integrity of these graphs be maintained for dissemination purposes. Don't believe me, may you verify and judge for yourself their authenticity.  We pray that you may pray about incorporating the graphs on this link to enhance your website.  May the Holy Spirit convict your heart and conscience to do so as these "unique" Heavenly SIGNS surely appear to be the REAL DEAL from our Lord that something BIG is coming this year.  I'm only the hummingbird, you are the EAGLE on revealing this part of the Gospel for all to witness. 

Please view our new YouTube presentation ' Biblical Blood Moons Cosmic Warning Coming (Preview) '.

Thank you!
May God Bless,
Paul & Karen Grevas
(Ezekial 33:2-3 and Matthew  24:14).

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